name, year

hol(e)iday house

conference domes, Budapest, conference center, 2002, architecture, competition

gardenHouse Meister, Rotterdam, privaat opdrachtgeverschap, realized, architecture

restructuring post-war housing, housing, 2002, research

rap, privaat opdrachtgeverschap, competition, residential

millinx, Rotterdam, housing, healthcare, realized 2004, architecture, reconversion

elemental, chile, housing, competition, architecture, urban planning

hoogvliet, Rotterdam, housing, 2005, architecture, research, design

de margriet, rotterdam, elementary school, 2004, reconversion

gia, Northern Ireland, tourism, competition, architecture

walkops, extension privaat opdrachtgeverschap, realized 2005, residential

deep urbanity- the (w)hole block, dordrecht, architecture

deep urbanity – the (w)hole house, privaat opdrachtgeverschap

erasmus apartments, rotterdam, apartment building, 2006, architecture, com.wonen

maaspavilion, rotterdam, visitor center, 2006, architecture

ko black garden, Rotterdam, garden privaat opdrachtgeverschap, realized, 2006

brewinc culture cluster, Doetinchem, housing, cultural facilities, 2007, urban planning, architecture, tender

pillerseetal seniors, fieberbrunn, senior housing, 2008, architecture

house in a shed, Rotterdam, privaat opdrachtgeverschap, 2001, architecture, competition

filterbuildings, Rotterdam, housing, realized 2008, renovation, study

cascade, Amsterdam, housing, study, 2000, architecture

lex waterfront, Walsall, United Kingdom, housing, conference centre, hotel, 2008, urban planning, competition

the green corner, Purmerend, daycare center, ongoing, architecture

holiday Park, Eiffel, Germany, holidaypark, ongoing, architecture, urban planning

kemi waterfront, Kemi, 2005, architecture, urban planning, competition

bloemhof brede school, rotterdam, Primary school, competition, architecture, 2008

heesterveld dwellandscape, Amsterdam, housing, 2006, architecture, urban planning, competition

valer church, valer, church, competition, architecture

kleine duizendpoot, rotterdam, kindergarten, 2010

Krill featered in Art Calendar

moerkerke medicare, Moerkerke, health care, 2008, renovation

dwell landscape Bandung

Millinx 2 – Thuishaven Charlois, Rotterdam, housing, social care

Bandung Block Restructuring, urban renewal

Sandwich Residential Tower, Rotterdam, housing

het Buro & de Bovenkamer, housing and office space, in progress

Louwal low energy town house, Rotterdam, privaat opdrachtgeverschap

Goudse Hoofd -shortlisted for the Plan Award 2017, Rotterdam, housing

Bird watching promenade

Indonesian Embassy The Hague

Summa Fashion Biƫnnale

House-in-the-Shed 2

Zadkine Fashion Experiment

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