• Project: urban planning, housing
  • Commision: Elemental Chile, competition
  • Result: nominated
  • Design: Duzan Doepel, Bart Goedbloed, Harmen van de Wal, Xing Wei, Ywen Zhu
  • Program: urban planning, architectural design for 100 dwellings
  • Location: Chile
  • Date: November 2004

Krill proposed, in collaboration with Duzan Doepel, a design for a high density neighborhood (100 dwellings/hectare). The budget for the dwellings was extremely low, it would have been impossible to offer complete houses. Instead of offering a site and services project condemning the neighborhood to decades of slum reputation, we developed a principal to offer the people right from the start the space and assurance of a large house. By designing the dwellings as box in box the outer skin can be realized of cheap material, while the inner box can be kept small. Within the boundaries of the outside box people can gradually built up their houses.

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