restructuring post-war housing

  • Project: research, renovation
  • Program: housing
  • Designteam: Bart Goedbloed, Harmen van de Wal, Celia Faria
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Start design February 2002

After a competition Krill started a research to the possibilities of transforming flat apartment buildings in post war neighborhood and providing them with a second life. We felt that demolishing them, as was the fashion in those days, would not only be cultural-historically and ecologically a big waste, it would also deny all possibilities these building types have.

The main problem in these building has always been the infrastructure of entrance. This was always organized collectively to achieve physical efficiency, but was never socially effective. It makes it impossible to create communities, but also don’t allow real privacy. Therefore we developed several models to ensure either the one or the other.

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