• Project: architecture, housing
  • Commision: self organized research
  • Designteam: Bart Goedbloed, Harmen van de Wal
  • Location: Amsterdam

De Cascade is an apartment building in a location pestered by pollution and noise. The soil is heavily polluted with toxics, and one of Netherlands major railwaylines runs at less than 100m from the site. Two environmental issues that are most common in the Netherlands, but dealt with in the least creative way. Noise and pollution are being done with in expensive actions to ensure the possibillity of tabula rasa planning, not incorporated in the design itself.
The Cascade investigates alternative ways to deal with these issues in an ecologically and spatially much more interesting way. The result is a building sanitating it’s own soil pollution and creating it’s own low-noise spots.

Three floor in the tower are designed as elevated courtyards. Every courtyard gives entrance to five apartments up, and five apartments below and every courtyard has it’s own character. The top courtyard has been designe as a collection of private gardens, while onde of the others has been designed as a collective garden.


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