de margriet

  • Project: reconversion
  • Commision: DOO Rotterdam and the Margriet
  • Program: elementary school
  • Designteam: Harmen van de Wal, Smahan Amrach, Pe How Tong, Wei Xing, Ywen Zhu
  • art: Marieta Reijerkerk
  • Location: Rotterdam
  • Start design: April 2004

De Margriet is a Dalton based school with a sympathetic scale. But because the current physical organization is too disorganized not enough room is left for the necessary communal spaces. By creating a collecting wall, a giant closet running along the total length of the school, space is created for three large communal areas; a play room, a creativity room and a small theater.

In the collecting wall toilets, storages, staircases and a library are put together and combined. A cascade of books, both a library tribune and the main staircase, connect the two floors. The toilets are also positioned linear, moving up to the other floor. Thus every single space is made amazing and playful.

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