Summa Fashion Biënnale

  • Design: Krill o.r.c.a.
  • Development of concept: Summa Fashion, Krill, Runsink Consultancies, ICOP, BBA, Hoiting
  • Development team: Kim Cornelius, Igor Runsink, Harmen van de Wal, Froukje van Dijken, Greetje Hoiting, Yolanda Steijns, and the Summa Fashion team
  • Design team: Harmen van de Wal with Randa al Halek, Rostislav Krones, Maria Vittoria Puppo, Claudia Tersigni
  • Client: Summa College
  • Start design and development: June 2018
  • Made possible by: Creative Industries Fund Netherlands

A work in progress project for a vocational school that can radically change the way learning environments are developed. To make vocational education better match the developments of the markets and changing students, new concepts are necessary. Concepts that are innovative and demand different skillsfrom students and tutors. In Summa Fashion’s mission this is described thus: people must be able to engage in life long learning en develop themselfes as crafstman or woman, to be able to contribute to a world where fair and innovatie fashion is reachable for everyone. This mission needs to be supported by the physical learning environment. To be able to facilitate this, we looked at the role of social realms in the architecture. For this, we applied the knowledge that we developed earlier for Privacyscript.

The location Ruysdaelbaan, left vacant for many years, provided a perfect environment for an experiment. It profits from the isolation offered by this site, both in organization as in place. A learning environment will be tested here which is different to the old system, and both environments should not interfere with each other. Within the framework of this isolation, it is easier to position sudden changes, brought up by new ideas. This will become a development and design proces that can last for at least two years.

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