Louwal low energy town house


  • project: town house
  • client: Louwerse-van de Wal
  • design: Harmen van de Wal, with Xabier Cabanas, Raimonda Cibaite, Ioli Plastira, Christine Sundberg
  • spatial subdivision: Krill with Louwerse-van de Wal
  • consultant: Arie Koot / K-konstrukties, Geert Laarakker / Atelier Bouwkunde, BBA-binnenmilieuadvies
  • contractor: self build
  • program: private house
  • date: april 2012
  • location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • photographer: Frank Hanswijk
  • Two apartments are combined into one, a sustainable low-energy town house. To adequately adress to all the needs of the clients, Krill designed a game inviting them into the design process. We developed a set of rules, of which one was the most important: no space can be used for just passing through. All spaces need to have at least another function. This resulted in an efficiently organized, yet spaciously interesting town house. In order to reduce the costs for the clients, Krill elaborated the interior in a way that enabled them to self build.

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