brewinc culture cluster

  • Program: housing, 90 dwellings, regional library, regional archive, art center, parking
  • Designteam: Krill architecture in collaboration with Visser en Bouwman Architecture
  • Commission: Strabag Nederland
  • project:tender
  • start of design: november 2007
  • Location: Doetinchem
  • For a location adjacent to the ancient city center of Doetinchem, Krill collaborated with Visser en Bouwman Architects to make a design for as much as 90 dwellings, a regional library, a regional archive and a Center for Arts. The municipality expressed the wish to maintain a three buildings on the site. This posed a problem, for the configuration of the three buildings did not leave place for the creation of a suitable urban space. The underlying masterplan clearly did not succeed in that. With a simple move we could manage to change this situation. One of the buildings, a former practice lab with shed-roof will be dismantled and rebuild on a different location.

    Five gardens, collective and public

    Collective garden

    The library is a collage of two existing buildings