Goudse Hoofd -shortlisted for the Plan Award 2017

HOF-render-half-hight-blue-400Location: Rotterdam

  • Project: apartment building with parking garage
  • Design: Krill o.r.c.a.
  • Design team: Harmen van de Wal with Paula Corres Baral, Antonia Dajak, Myrto Karydis, Saskia Lambers, Marta Morais Miranda, Sebastian Nitu, Filippo Zagarese
  • Advice: RO-OK developers
  • Research: based on Privacyscript, done in collaboration with Technical University of Delft
  • A sustainable, livable residential building with the privacyscript of a neighborhood.
    The Goudse Hoofd is one among a series of new apartment building types Krill is developing, facilitating social interaction between neighbors in a natural way. Social interaction is not just facilitated by combining a number of apartments in one building. Quite often, the contrary happens: in 80% of the apartment buildings we studied, social interaction is being complicated. De Goudse Hoofd is designed to facilitate social interaction by transplanting the privacyscript of a well functioning, parochial neighborhood. This is a method Krill developed based on a research done in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft

    The design departs from a thought experiment: if the privacyscript of a well functioning neighborhood can be defined and described, it could also form the base for the privacy script of an apartment building. Krill has discovered that facilitating social interaction requires deeper knowledge of the social realms per level of publicness. The world is a patchwork of different levels, each with their own set of communication and behaviour rules, made known to people by their privacyscript. The moment people enter a different space, they read the space, and adjust their behavior accordingly. Wrong privacyscripts give mixed messages and may cause the users to run the risk of damaging their self esteem by adapting to the wrong set of behaviour rules.

    The Goudse Hoofd is a building designed based on a healthy privacyscript, and therefore can provide a sustainably livable residential environment

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