Krill-Office for Resilient Cities and Architecture

Krill-o.r.c.a. operates from one central vision: architecture only gets its value from the use people make of it, and this use will change over time. In a time where social changes occur rapidly, it is vital that architecture, as a disipline, can react on it. Every design should create the conditions for colonization by it’s users, the proces between the architecture and it’s user is endless.
Krill invites people to intervene in its designs, just as Krill intervenes in their world. Therefore we challenge ourselfes to develop powerfull architectural images, offering space for this endless intervention, without losing architectural value, spaces inviting to normal, as well as to extraordinary forms of use.

Krill Architecture has been responsible for a number of excellent designs and realizations in which this vision is portrayed. Liveability, sustainability, innovation are important concepts in the work of Krill. In order to realise these ambitions, Krill has collected a large network of renowned and highly professional experts on different disciplines, such as art, interior climate design, landscape architecture, sociology and buidling technigues. Rather than limiting the projects to the capacity of the office, the size of the office is adapted to meet the requirements of each individual project For every indiviual project a team will be put together consisting of the Krill core members and the experts needed.