• Project: architecture
    Program: cafe, waiting room
    Designteam: Harmen van de Wal, Sofia Fernandes
    Commission: Ontwikkelings Bedrijf Rotterdam
    Location: Rotterdam
    Design: 2006

The Maaspavilion is a waiting room annex cafe, where tickets can be bought for a tour along the river. It has been lifted up to ensure the contact of the Boompjes promenade with the river and has been made moveable because the of the uncertain future of the Boompjes.

These two constraints created the architectural image. A stiff truss, built light and covered with glass will be placed on a base with two beams. One serving as a bench, the other folded over the edge of the quay, thus spreading the weight equally over the pavement. After a while it can be lifted off the promenade to be placed on a pontoon, or somewhere else on the Boompjes.

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