summerschool lingezegen

august 2009
Harmen van de Wal organises in collaboration with Ton Matton, the province of Gelderland and Park Lingezegen the second edition of Summerschool Lingezegen. The summerschool is free for students and will be held from august 22th till august 30th in Huize Doornik, Bemmel.


Stefan Zimmermann lecturing in the newly developed Climate Change Classroom

Tutors are from a variety of disciplines, such as game- design, dance, architecture, art and grafic design. Esther Vonk, Rose Akras,Marius Veldman, Evelien van Vugt en Ad Koolen act as masters, Ton Matton and Harmen van de Wal as over all tutors.


Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV) lectures in the Climate Change Classroom)

Students will be from the same variety. Central theme will be unveiling the identity of the future park Lingezegen. check


uiterwaardenlunch prepared by Polyesther


With beercrates hotel rooms have been improvised