Lounge Library Table


  • Location: Vlaardingen
  • Project: interior design entrance hall
  • Design: Krill o.r.c.a.
  • Design team: Harmen van de Wal with Paula Corres Baral, Antonia Dajak, Saskia Lambers, Sebastian Nitu
  • Client: Waterweg Wone
  • Carpenters table: Floris van den Burg, Vincent de Rijk
  • Carpenter library and couches: Jos Noorhof, Kaya stoffering
  • Photographer: Frank Hanswijk
  • Housing corporation WaterwegWonen approached Krill, after finding out about Krill’s publication on privacyscript and social sustainability, with the question to find a solution for a recently build apartment building with social tension due to bad collective space design. In a process in which the inhabitants were actively involved, a design was made for an object combining a large table, a microlibrary, and a lounge area.

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