docking Industry

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  • Project: urban planning, sustainability
  • commision: competition GRAS
  • designteam: Bart Goedbloed, Harmen van de Wal, Xing Wei, Ywen Zhu
  • program: ecological industrial area
  • location: Groningen, The Netherlands
  • date: september 2003

How to create an industry area that is ecological, but allowes it’s industries to work normally? This project gives an answer to it by connecting it to a recreational water infrastructure ans putting all industries on boats. Leaking waste, toxic or not, can be collected in the boats and transported to a central sanitation centre. Meanwhile the area responds to the dynamics of industry area’s, with success full, and less succesfull industries, granting the possibillity to grow (just move the neighboring boats) or shrink (just sail the boat away).


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