• Project: sustainable urban renewal
  • Client: self commissioned researched
  • designteam: Harmen van de Wal, Paul de Graaf, Ines Balsa da Silva, Arnold de Bruin, Barbara Constantino, Javier IƱigo, Carmen Largacha, Gianpiero Venturini
  • research: Krill Architectuur, Paul de Graaf, Ruimtelab2, BVR, Machiel van Dorst (TU Delft)
  • date: june 2010
  • Program: sustainable urban renewal of 70’s neighborhoods
  • Location: Rotterdam, Zevenkamp
  • research made possible by Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur and Rotterdam Climate Initiative
  • Within atelier 7up, Reinventing Zevenkamp, four teams (Krill, BVR, Ruimtelab2, Paul de Graaf) collaborated with Machiel van Dorst (Technical University of Delft) in order to find tools for sustainable urban restructuring, using Zevenkamp, a suburban neighborhood build in the late 70’s, as a case study. Three major perspectives were explored and combined in one method: ecology, flows and people.
    Krill and Paul de Graaf collaborated to use ecology as perspective and metophore. City as ecosystem is not just interpreted as green and natural city, but rather as a city that behaves like an ecosystem, a resilient robust, dynamic and divers urban area.

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